Craft & Sip Terms & Conditions

  1. All Craft & Sip events have a registration deadline listed on the Craft & Sip page.  This ensures that RBCre8tive LLC (also "we", "us"), has ample time to produce all the kits ordered by participants.  Walk-ins generally are not allowed - at some events we may have additional, NON-personalized kits available for walk in participants on a very limited basis.  If we do not have any additional kits available at the event you walked in to, we will direct you to our calendar of events so that you may register for a future event.
  2. All items are pre-paid using RBCre8ive LLC's Craft & Sip product pages.  No payment at the event venue will be honored (with the exception of additional walk-in kits, on occasions available, that can be paid via credit or debit card only via our Square account processor).  Responding to the venue's Facebook, Instagram or other social event, DOES NOT get your kit purchased, nor does it register you for the event - that is ONLY done through RBCre8ive LLC's web site, under the Craft & Sip events page.
  3. Personalization options are at the proof the the purchaser.  Please ensure you have spelled names, places, phrases, etc. properly, what is entered in the checkout notes for personalization will simply be copied and pasted into the art programs we employ to laser engrave. We will not modify, spell check or otherwise make changes other than font size/style to fit your kit purchased.  As such there are NO REFUNDS on personalized Craft & Sip Kits that contain misspellings, grammatical errors or otherwise have typography errors - we are happy to work out a replacement kit to be created and sent via standard ground shipping (if local delivery is not an option), however you warrant that any personalization requested has been done so in good faith on your part and all spelling, punctuation is correct as best you know.
  4. Refunds, Cancellations and No-Shows: Refunds for any registration/kit purchase are available up to and including 11:59pm on the registration date cutoff for each venue, as listed on the  Craft & Sip page - this includes both personalized kits and non-personalized kits.

    Refund requests for registration/kits placed after the registration cutoff date will be honored only for NON-PERSONALIZED KITS - e.g. any personalized kits purchased with the registration will NOT be refunded after the listed cutoff date, they will instead be shipped free of charge from RBCRE8IVE LLC's Sterling, Colorado Laser Lab to your home or office.

    48-hour Or Less Cancellation: If the registrant chooses to cancel with 48 hours or less until the event, NO REFUND will be provided whether kit was personalized or not.  In this situation we will reach out to obtain a home or office shipping address and ship your kit free of charge to you from our Sterling, Colorado location.

    While not all inclusive - we do understand circumstance may arise where you may not be able to attend.  We run several events around the state each month and as such it's difficult to hold on to kits purchase for one event to transfer to another event, which is why in most cases after registrant cancellation, we ship your kit free of charge to your chosen location.  This helps us keep costs down by not using storage for them and administrative costs down by not needing to reassign to another venue at a later time, as not all kits will be available to all Craft & Sip venues.
  5. Event Cancellations Or Delays: RBCRE8IVE LLC strives to have a minimum of 10 attendees at each event.  In the case we do not have at least 10 attendees we and the hosting venue reserve the right to postpone or cancel the event.  This decision will be made within 12-24 hours of the Registration cutoff date listed on the Craft & Sip page, the venue or our promotional materials or our events posted publicly.  In terms of not enough attendees, we will do our best to reschedule to gain enough attendees so that it's a fun filled event.  There may be weather delays - this is Colorado after all.  Again, a future date will be discussed and proposed by the venue and us to accommodate as best as possible. In the even we are unable to reschedule an event - all craft kits purchased will be shipped free of charge to the end purchaser.  We will contact you to obtain address and shipping information to do so.  In this case we will also offer a refund of the kit/registration price if you would desire that.