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Dice Holder & Rolling Tray - Extra Large Sized - Magnetic Closure with Faux Leather Rolling Surface

Dice Holder & Rolling Tray - Extra Large Sized - Magnetic Closure with Faux Leather Rolling Surface

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Measuring 8.5" wide by 10.5" tall, this dice holding and rolling tray is well suited for numerous table top games.  Whether you're rolling 1 die or 20 dice to get your critical hit, this tray has not only the room for rolling, it also holds 2-4 sets of standard 7-die sets, or a combination thereof.

Made from USA manufactured hardwood ply material, with some species being sourced internationally, these hand crafted, one of a kind designed trays have been tested and proven in gaming communities around the US.  Based upon feedback (which if you have some, just contact us and we'll be happy to make improvements when needed or custom configure yours), these are useful for typical table top games such as D&D, WarHammer and more.

Should you desire to have your own image (it MUST be an image you have permission to use, as we will not use any image that is copyrighted) choose that option for an additional $10 which covers our art setup and additional time.

Choose your material, roll well, don't die, keep the fight alive, and don't trust the GM!


US Sourced Hardwood, Softwood, Plywood, MDF and/or Acrylic materials used in most products. If something else is used it will be noted in the product description.

Shipping & Returns

Returns are only for shipping damage or workmanship issues. As this is a natural wood and/or acrylic product, variances will be present from photos, and if kept in exceptionally humid or dry environment some variances are expected. All items ship per customer selected method at check out time.

Care Instructions

Natural wood products are susceptible to the weather elements that we experience.

As such please keep your items out of the elements and if using outdoors keep in mind weather as it will degrade the product much faster.

If your item has lights or other electronic elements it is even more imperative that it is not placed into harsh elements such as rain, snow, direct sunlight.

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